Using the tools of economics: can they enhance the S&C cognitive toolbox?


Ian Jeffreys

As strength and conditioning coaches our primary activities revolve around enhancing physical performance, but it could also be argued that we are ultimately problem-solvers, using a range of tools to find solutions to the training challenges our athletes face. In all problem-solving activities, the ability to look at a problem from a range of angles is advantageous and this capacity can be enhanced by developing a diverse cognitive toolbox. This cognitive toolbox can be viewed as a range of thought methods and approaches which can be used to frame and solve the challenges we face. Thus, a useful addition may come from wide-ranging disciplines such as philosophy, logic, economics, jurisprudence and need not be limited to traditional fields of enquiry.1 Indeed, any analytical method, providing it is a rigorous tool that can be summed up succinctly and has broad application to understanding the world, could contribute to the solution of a problem.1 This multi-disciplinary approach can provide widely applicable templates which may help in solving problems that challenge traditional strength and conditioning thought processes.

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